Bushcraft and Survival instructors - frauds??

As a bushcraft and survival instructor of 10 plus years experience I am always very careful not to get caught up in the oh so easily world of believing the myth!! It's easy to fall into the trap of pretending your something your not to "increase or improve" your profile.

Many so called "instructors" seem to be ego driven, the wish to call themselves expert and thus maybe massage something missing from their life is very previlant in many cases.

Others blatantly make up a new persona for themselves, some pretend to be former poachers or try to built a picture of themselves as great men of the land, others pretend to be of a different social back ground or to be born a different nationality and others especially in the survival world pretend to have former service with specialist troops like the SAS.

All are wrong to do so in my book - to pretend to be something you are not and to take money under that pretense is immoral if not illegal.

Financial gain is a powerful motivator, instructors, guides, leaders and schools who allow greed to rule over them are doing a great disservice to their students and themselves.

SADLY I fear nay know Bob Sprout isnt the only instructor out there lying about their background and abilities which is sad in a world where a instructors reputation is tantamount.

Hopefully the Sun newspapers revelation will "encourage" the frauds at their to change their profiles and clean up their acts and so ensure that the potential student gets exactly what they pay for and are not conned into giving money under false pretenses and sold substandard courses or instruction as a result.

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