Bushcraft and Survival instructors - frauds??

As a bushcraft and survival instructor of 10 plus years experience I am always very careful not to get caught up in the oh so easily world of believing the myth!! It's easy to fall into the trap of pretending your something your not to "increase or improve" your profile.

Many so called "instructors" seem to be ego driven, the wish to call themselves expert and thus maybe massage something missing from their life is very previlant in many cases.

Others blatantly make up a new persona for themselves, some pretend to be former poachers or try to built a picture of themselves as great men of the land, others pretend to be of a different social back ground or to be born a different nationality and others especially in the survival world pretend to have former service with specialist troops like the SAS.

All are wrong to do so in my book - to pretend to be something you are not and to take money under that pretense is immoral if not illegal.

Financial gain is a powerful motivator, instructors, guides, leaders and schools who allow greed to rule over them are doing a great disservice to their students and themselves.

SADLY I fear nay know Bob Sprout isnt the only instructor out there lying about their background and abilities which is sad in a world where a instructors reputation is tantamount.

Hopefully the Sun newspapers revelation will "encourage" the frauds at their to change their profiles and clean up their acts and so ensure that the potential student gets exactly what they pay for and are not conned into giving money under false pretenses and sold substandard courses or instruction as a result.


Your Knife life

Have you got more money than sense?? Like to buy shiney new cutting tools and stick them in a drawer?? Well if so dont read on!!

However if your a not a collector or loaded you might want to ponder this ................. why not take one of your old knives and give it a breath of new life with a rehandle - changing the scales on a factory blade (especially a stick tang) can be as easy or hard as you wanna make it and is defo good fun

The simplest way to replace a handle on a stick tang is to take a green stick slightly bigger than your handle requirements and tap it onto the stick tang ( a para cord clove hitch blade end helps the wood not to split but 1 in 3 still might)

Antler can be done also - one of my earliest rehandles was a piece of antler - boiled to soften the honeycomb core then taps on a stick tang (with a bit of arldite added) - served me well and my sons while he was learning "the craft"

Or, if your to busy or not to DIY inclinded why not ask a freind who is - heres a trinity of rehandled knives a good friend has done for me ............

Go on save yourself a small fortune - dont by a new custom knife just refurbish your old and trusted blade ....................


bushcraft camp weekend

This weekend saw us having yet another excellent if not very wet camp weekend - thanks to those who attended for making it a real cracker ............ roll on the female hockey teams visit I say !!

This weekend we had Spoon carving, bannock making, fire lighting and campfire banter second to none among a great group who left us this morning as new friends!!
Below are a couple of pics of some of the activaties!

Happy days heres to many more!


Your only as sharp as your knife!!

Blade Tech Pocket Sharpener

There are few items avaialble to today’s Survivor which has earnt a reputation as being good due to the fact that it actually is - these fantastic little sharpeners are one of the few!

Recommended to me by several respected and experienced outdoors folks and successful tested by us the Blade Tech sharpener is an excellent field sharpener for all your edged tools.

The sharpener works equally well on axes, sheath knifes and pocket knives (also ideal for the kitchen and workshop) will rework the dullest edge and is excellent for ‘touching’ up a blade in use with just a few light strokes.

Small and light with a handy lanyard hole (so you don’t lose it) these simple to use sharpeners are safer, faster and cheaper than diamond stones and best of all manufactured in the UK!!

Weights just ½ an ounce.


The Hunt for Gollum

Sometime last year we were enrolled as Ranger trainers for a movie being made by independant makers - a prequel to Lord of the rings!!

We had an excellent time training and working with the production team and look forward to possible future work on bigger and better productions!!

Anyway dear reader if your a LOTR fan then I hope you enjoy!