Bushcraft Navigation and Bushcraft camp weekend

Survivall and Bearclaw hosted the first ever bushcraft camp this weekend and invited down to run a couple of workshops was Will from Bushcraft Navigation.

Will, a map reading expert second to none, covered in some depth all the basics of map reading in stunningly impressive detail - detail which took the group from novices to being able to accurately complete a NavEx in the woods with suprising success!! I highly recommend a visit to Will as Navigation is without a doubt a important survival and bushcraft skill - indeed many survival or emergency situation can be avoided if you know how to navigate yourself to safety or avoid obvious dangers!!

The group of 10 "campers" had a great weekend chilling out between lectures with plenty of fine food and the odd tipple!! The campfire banter was great with every one letting down their hair and enjoying the company of like minded people.

Bushcraft Navigation and Bearclaw bushcraft Weekend camps - a great and educational weekend highly recommend to anyone who ventures or loves being outdoors!!

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