Something to ponder ...............

Clothing is our first line of defence - fact! It protects us from the elements, from external forces like fire or the sun, it creates a micro climate around us which (for as long as it lasts) will keep us alive!

For the mountaineer or hillwalker this may be a goretex shell. For the bushcrafter who likes to dress like his hero then its all swazi and swanni's. For the outdoorsman who works are a forester or a logger this may be industrial safety wear.

But for the survivor??

What would be ideal for them?? Well if they are in a survival situation due to their sport or hobby any of the above might be ok - but what if the emergency happens on a trip to scotland or a flight across the remote Alaskan bush?? What could they wear then?

Would something warm - waterproof and tough meet the bill? Sturdy boots and fast drying trousers?? Synthetics are ok BUT what if the disaster involves fire?? Cottons stop the wind but not water?? Wool is warm but heavy when wet and can be torn to pieces in a crash ..............

So ponder this if you will - and dress accordingly when you travel - your clothing is your first defense again the elements - ............ choose badly, swallows sales blurb to lightly and it might even hamper your chances of survival ..............choosen wisely it can give you a good fighting chance!!

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