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The above link is to a cracking little article by our Swedish sister company Nordic Bushcraft.

For those who dont know the WEISS courses, both summer and Winter, are unique to Bearclaw/Survivall in the UK and Nordic Bushcraft in Sweden (much to the envy of certain forums and groups!)

The WEISS format is based on a tried and test format designed by our host and course leader Preben Mortensen over 40 years ago - its track record is proven to work and the results speak for themselves.

Preben is the grandaddy of wilderness training having worked with or trained many of the worlds top outdoors and bushcraft men and women and as such we are both proud to work with him and in awe of his skills and knoweldge with are unsurpassed by any living outdoorsman.

The WEISS courses are all pass or fail courses and as such people have to earn the right to wear the WEISS badge or Winter bar - Those who do are justifiable proud to wear their badges and join a small elite who have proven themselves to be proffecient and highly advanced bushcraft and survivalists.

The courses are open to instructors from any school as well as to students from all over the world - proving WEISS multinational appeal we have had Irish - Dutch - Swedish - English - Scottish - American - South African and Canadian students. But folks should be aware we set the highest standard on these courses and will never lower these to meet the potential lower standards set by others!

With this in mind whose who earn the right to wear the WEISS badge do so with pride in both their acheivement and knowledge of their outstanding ability.

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