Back to basics

Bushcraft and Survival sometimes seem to be the same - but does course or fly fishing and survival? Hillwalking and survival? Shooting or any game hunting event and survival ??

What about the lost tourist and survival??

Of course any and all of us can end up in a survival situation and the severity of the task we face is directly proportionate to the lack or amount of gear we carry - sods law says the emergency will not arrive when we have a full rucksack on our back but when we've popped out to walk the dog or decided on a daytrip to go a little further just to see a new site and gotten lost ..........

So it there for holds true that this is the time we need our survival kits - a lost hiker who can make a fire will be warm and safe for a cold night on the hills and chances are your fire will be seen and as such (in the UK) attract attention!!

It also thus holds true that our clothing becomes or first line of defense ........ cocooned in a warm dry shell we can generally survive at least one night - hence the advise to always dress for the worse conditions you expect to encounter.

But all clothing isnt created equal ............ here many of the old ways - the old materials can help us! Inconjunction with Bearclaw Bushcraft we at survival are working on a range of clothing and gear which Bearclaw is calling its back 2 basics range.

The idea is to make maximum use of a materials advantages - for example using the tried and tested natural materials prefered by generations of hunters, poachers and outdoors folks to make a range of robust and well thought out garments - or to use the most modern lightweight man made materials to make lightweight highly packable copies of traditionall tried and tested shelters and outdoor equipment.

its all very exciting and will hopefully see the bushcraft kited out in a much more traditional, sustainable and earth friendly manor - which for the survivor it is hoped a range of gear can be produced that will see us able to dress and equipp ourselves in such a way that if the worse does happen and sods law is the key we will still be laughing as or gear will give us a ley advantage from the start!!

Watch this space or visit www.bearclawbushcraft.co.uk for regular updates and information on this new and exciting range of traditional gear designed and tested by us and made to our specs here in the UK!!

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