Thermal A frame

With out a shadow of a doubt the simpliest and warmest survival shelter is the thermal A frame - based on a simple yet strong tripod, this type of shelter can be thatched with any materials to hand including plastic sheeting or a tarp.

However the above A frame, thatched with leaf debris has one secret and added advantage - the heat being generated by decompostition as the leaf litter breaks down naturally.

Build up your inner bed before the thatching starts and you'll have a warm shelter - one thing to remember people - in survival the difference between live and death isnt a good nights sleep its the ability to maintain a good core temperature at night ..........

Strength is also important as the natural shelters we build arent tied up - why waste precious cordage? They are held together by a combination of common sense and clever construction - once made your shelter should be able to hold the weight of a 14 stone man (below)

Or if your really good the combined 30 stones of two men!

Sweet dreams - and remember the Survivall logo of the rising sun - build a good shelter and you'll sleep safe and warm and be able to greet the rising sun every morning until rescue!!

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