Elsewhere we've talked about pocket knives and camp knives ect but what does it all mean?? What should the survivor aim to carry??

Of course the best survival knife will always be the one you had with you while you survived but as, in general, its most likely the survival situation will happen because your going into a situation where disaster could strike shouldnt the prepared survivor carry the optimum tools before hand??

For a bushcrafter this is now typically a SFA, folding saw and a woodlore clone knife but the survivor might not have recourse to carry all that hardware - after all if your a hillwalker do you wanna carry a axe all day everyday for no good reason except JUST IN CASE? No of course not - the same applies to the climber or the canoeist ....

The survivor really needs a simple tool or tools that are utilitarian and strong while also being useful in many diverse situations. Here I personaly think a large (7" plus)knife and a smaller pocket knife are most practical.

The big knife carried in the daysack is lighter than a axe and less cumbersome to carry but generally as useful as a hatchet and in most cases safer to use. Be the big knife a kukri - a fjallraven A2 - a bearclaw wilderness knife or a martindale golok it must be kept sheathed and secured in the pack when not in use ( of course in a true emergency then wearing it is better) it must be kept sharp - a blunt knife is a screwdriver and dangerious to use and totally inefficient.

The smaller pocket knife is key - many people sing the praises of a sheath knife even a small one and are oftne correct as it is stronger ect ect but equally under UK law illegal to carry in many instances - a small pocket knife with a blade less than two inches in length can be carried legally in most instances in the UK.

What this means is that by being able to carry it without fear of prosecution we are more likely to have it about our person in an emergency!!

The type of knife s open to the users taste - I carry the genuine Birish Army knife but the smaller swiss army knives all serve equally well.

In carrying and using the small knife we become proficient with it and in so doing we make it a valuable tool - a tool thats uses will soon far out weight its size.

And this is the key - THINK about the tool you carry - a EDC to use knife nut terms needs to become like a trusted old friend as only then will you be able to use it to the best you can in a survival situation.

Of course we'd all love a axe and a saw in a survival or emergency situation - but then so would we like a car and a mobile phone - and if we have them thats a real bonus but we still need to train to get by without them - learn to use the brain instead of the wallet .......................

An adaptation of an old army adage serves true - TRAIN HARDER SURVIVE EASIER


Perkunas said...

you seem to think about this like i do.

i Always carry one larger,fixed blade knife,i prefer full tang ones mainly,but along with it i always carry either a multitool ( nowadays its sog powerlock or leatherman surge or core) or a swiss made larger folding knife,usually either victorinox trdesman but more often i seem to carry lighter and simplified old wenger that has locking main blade and superb saw.by superb i mean its longer than ones found in common multitools and mcgyver sized pocket knives,and very hi quality,reliable,sharp and effective.By using these combos i alwaya have saw,small blade for food and whittling tasks,and that bigger mean blade for chopping and other tougher jobs.Ive used to carry the smaller tool in my neck,or in belt holster,so unless i drop my head off or cut my belt,its sure ill be having knife anytime,as its the most important tool IMO in the woods,with some type of firesteel.The next items in mu list are compass and some pot to cook/melt/boil water/food.

i am kind of knife collector,but all my knives are in use and im always in a quest to fing the holy grail of knives to my use,from basic,simple mora knives to my tracker,theyre all been selected carefully,and tested,some have been given and traded away caus ei havent gotten into em but the best ones,that ive liked i have saved,as i have this odd habit to gather up "just in case" packs that include all kinds of survival/bushcraft gadgets,and the knife is the first gear im puttin into these makeshift bail out bags o´mine.

Survivall said...

Sound thinking buddy - however do you also train to survive if you lose all your tools??

On the WEISS course part of the programme is this and its very strange how people who have all the best gear react without their gear - equipment lose syndrome (els) we call it.

Perkunas said...

Yep,i Do know the gear hoarder thing:).And i dont count on the fact that ill be having so much stuff with me when the shtf.Ive been learning quite a lot from books,by practicing hands on,and on two survival classes,and even in my childhood,in scouts,how to make it thru the hard situations withoput any tools,sometimes ive done knife from stone,a rucksack from branches and long bark stripes etc,fire with firebow,cups from bich bark and so on,building lean-to´s,rather than carrying factory made tents.
I like to get useful gear,and my sin is knives,im guilty to that i dont deny :)

Survivall said...

As are we all guilty ..........")