Survival Course

Survival Courses.

Unlike men not all survival courses are created equal - its a sad fact that something in which you might one day have to entrust your life could be something thats so poor as to almost be a inhibitour to your chances of survival rather than an enhancer!!

Survival courses fall into two obvious catagories - survival courses run by dedicated survival schools and survival courses which are added to bushcraft courses - i.e bushcraft and survival.

To sort the wheat from the caff firstly we need to decide what we want - do we want a proper survival courses or a bolt on??

Once we have achieved that then comes the harder part - assuming we've decided its a proper survival course we select. Now we need to sift through the survival courses out there to decide which best suits our needs and our budget.

Budget need not be a guide - I know plenty of expensive courses are out there that teach next to nothing - equally there are some excellent courses which offer exceptional value for money!!

So what or our needs?? Well for a survivor a survival course should cover the basics (at entry level anyway) - you should also be taught some level of first aid, navigation and SAR's techniques as well as the obvious skills like fire lighting and shelter building!!

A survival course should touch on food but concentrate more on water - a survival course should also explain what and how a survival Tin works and what to carry in one!

For many the survival kit they carry will be the survival kit they rely on in a survival situation so a survival course should also teach you what you need in a kit and how to use it!!

Advanced survival courses and advanced techniques should be more stressing and more realistic as these are factors the survivor faces daily but at entry level we should also be taught about PMA and the stressors we ar elikely to face - after all forewarned is forearmed.

WHO runs quality survival courses? I cant vouch for many of the schools out there except for SurvivALL - but in selecting a survival course I am sure if you look for the above subject matter you should recieve a course which will empower you, building up both your knowledge base and your confidence and while not necessarily making a survival situation easy they will hopefully make the emergency situation more comfortable and enable you to deal with it in a local - confident - safe and ultimately satisfactory manner.

ALL Survival courses are not equal - the wiseman will bare this in mind and search hard for the best ones they can find - after all your life could really depend on it!

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