A metal pot is worth its weigh in gold!!

To survival - to live - any animal requires shelter, food and water as well as some source of warmth - fire or fur!

For man fire, shelter, food and water or the finding of them are generally our survival priorities. The order will be enviroment specific but pound to a pinch of pooh water will be right up there regardless ............

The is no terrian in the world where we can survive for more than a few days without water - more to the point without water to hydrate us it isnt long before our brain and body functions start to suffer - and in a survival situation a wrong decision can be fatal so keeping the brain well lubricated is highly important.

Elsewhere we've talked about filtering water - today I wanna get to the basics boiling it!

In a survival situation a metal pot in which we can boil water is worth its weight in gold!

So whats best?

Well any pot is better than none - the mini messtin or crusader mess tin used as a container for a survival kit is excellent - but if you want to carry a cooking pot thats versatile enough for a survival kit too I'd recommend the SWEDISH ARMY MESS KIT ( NOT the meal kit as its sometimes miscalled)

As can be seen the kit itself contains several parts -

1 the pots, one with a bail arm are well designed and thought out. The larger pot can be hung over a fire as well as used on the stove. The smaller pot is a cup, plate, frying pan - placed upside down on the main pot its a fuel saving lid - used in this way it can also be used to keep food warm while cooking other items int he main pot!
2. The windshield is designed to house the unit and is lightweight
3. The meths burner - or army trangia, is a bigger trangia than the civilian standard model - it holds more fuel (I have found one full stove will do a weekend of cooking) but a .5l quantity of fuel is recommended for about a week.
4. The fuel bottle - this little bottle holds a top up for weekends but isnt really meant for just that - its meant for the cold - sub zero survivor! How? Well ideally we should carry said bottle in our clothing to ensure the spirit stays warm and thus burns and lights better in the cold

The amount the main pot holds will allow the survivor to boil a large amount of water over a fire or on the stove and as such meet their water needs with safe drinking water and this is the key - the pot can be hung over a fire - stood in it - propped beside it - whichever way you care to use it.

So think about it logically - as Ray Mears says, "if you carry only one pot carry a large one!" - and if you carry a large one carry one that can be used in the most versatile ways ...................

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