Expedition Innuit Hunter

Survival skills are many and varied, the skills of those who live in extreme climates are well defined.

Many of our skills are based upon them but rare indeed is the chance to learn them first hand. Almost priceless is the chance to live and work, sharing skills and stories with native peoples but this is what Survivall aims to bring you - what rare priceless chance of a lifetime!!

Tentatively named Innuit Hunter our first trip of a life time will take us to Northern Greenland where we will NOT be doing the tourist thing but WILL be living and working with a group of Innuit hunters as they travel north on a hunting and fishing trip.

We will join them, share the skills and experience the truth life of a native Inuit - a priceless experience.

Planning for the April 2010 exped/course ( as it will be as much a learning experience as journey) is well underway so if your interested connect us directly or watch this space for further information!!


messkit said...

Hi Gary

This looks pretty intersting-looking forward to hearing more!

Best wishes


Survivall said...

Cheers Dave, it will be - I am planning it to be a real adventure and the first of many ......... be good to have you along if the details suit once I know them!!