the future is here........

WELL not quite the future but the future of water filtration systems at least.

Last week I spent a excellent week on the yorkshire moors enjoy the little mini ice age which popped down from Siberia, weather down to -12c is always fun and this cold snap didnt disappoint!

But I digress - during my trip I took a SURVIVA-PURA CANTEEN as my only source of water carriage and filteration - the idea being that as its a drink straight from the bottle filter and the moors are generally pretty wet I wouldnt need anything else.

Fortunately I was right and the filter excelled itself - in the picture below I'm filling the canteen from a stream but I also took water from a peaty bog, a cattle trough and various other sources all with equal success - the filter handled them all easily.

I'll not bore you with the tech details but I will say that compared to the leading filter/purifier the PRE-MAC range this filter costs less and works as well preporting to filter and clean up to 700 (ish) litres.

Only danger is the fact that the canteen is filled at source and then the filter screwed in meaning contaminated hands and canteen body are a danger - my answer was to squeese the bottle and allow a small amount of cleaned water to overflow the lid and body being iodine based it still works on contact and thus makes it all safe.

Below is a picture of the water taken from the stream int he left glass and the eiltered water int he right glass ...................this method of water precurment is so easy I predict in the not so distant future all waterbottle will be like this

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