A tool for all occasions

SurvivALL is pleased to announce the arrival of the Fallkniven range to the on-line store!! These knives are the bench mark by which many are measured and the design (the traditional swedish) upon which many other models are based! The addition of this range (A2 and F1) mean that we can now offer the survivor the widest and most comprehensive choice of cutting tools to suit every need and budget.

For the medium sized EDC you now have a choice of the tough folding Normark SuperSwede or if you want a sheath knife the classic and enhanced viz Frosts Clipper or now the Bombproof survival knife of both the Swedish Airforce and the US navy and Marine aircrews the legendary F1.

And if you need something with a bit more clout, something to act as camp knife, butcher knife, axe ect then we offer you two excellent options - the SurvivALL kukri, handmade for us in the foothills of Nepal with a new more erogomic handle shape or the awesome A2 the wilderness knife.

With such choice of tried and tested - if not legendary cutting tools you can not fail to find one to suit your needs!

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