Survival Fun.

One of the great pleasures of survival training over all other forms of fieldcraft is that the survivor is expected to be able to improvise, its a nessecity - this means two things, firstly to be able to think for themselves and not be reliant on kit but secondly it also means your allowed to tinker and adapt tools and kit to suit your needs be this gaffa taping the corners of a space blanket so it can be used as a tarp or sticking a torch and a lighter together and covering it in hi viz tape so you dont lose it.

Nothing is beyond the remit of a survivor and we are given license to try anything - anything that adapts our kit and makes if work better or makes it more versatile is a tick in the box!! Just like we adapt our survival kit so do we adapt our other kit, experience will lead us to some interesting finds all of which are unique to the individual for example where for many many years I prefered the aesthically pleasing option of leather sheathes ect I now prefer to use a knife with a hardened sheath (wooden kukri or the ABS plastic of the clipper ect) as this makes the tool safer in carriage and offers us the options of whipping paracord around the sheath and can be sterilized and cleaned much easier - its not about price but oddly many of these types of tools are also cheaper so thats a bonus or the fact that instead of matches or a blue flame lighter I prefer a cheap old bic with the flame adjusted higher - I carry a couple of these spread around my kit making them a cheap, reliable alternative to the expensive blue flames or the tempermentality of matches - the clear bodies mean you can see how much fuels left and the sparker will still strike once the gas has run out giving us starks to work with.

Some things you try fail miserably but in failing you learn too - only in fearing the failure do we learn nothing .................a friend of mine says "the man who never made a mistake, never made anything!" and this is very true.

So BE A SURVIVOR - dont be afraid to improvise - adapt your kit - make the thing you need - relearn and escape the commercialism and more importantly HAVE FUN DOING IT!!

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