More than a survival tin part 2

Ok guys having read the below you'll understand that our primary equpment is key - lets not forget our clothing is also our first line of defense and we should look at this with a mind to being about to live in it possibly with no shelter for at least 3 days!

Building on our clothing then comes our kit - carried on our backs and in our pockets. To simplify things think of your kit as being units of your priority list - i.e Food fire shelter water medical - so if we pack items to meet all these priorities in a emergency our asses are covered!

Below is a basic list of what I tend to carry - its changable from season to season ect but a good base line to work from and covers all my priorities .............

Personal Primary kit list – carried on the body

Bandana – trouser pocket

Compass – jacket

Torch + Lighter - trousers

2 x orange rubbish bags - jacket

Ferro rod – tinder pouch - trousers

Swiss army knife – belt in pouch

Pain killers -

Para-cord - jacket

Protein/energy bar - jacket

Sharp belt knife - Belt

Space blanket - Jacket

Whistle – jacket with compass

Ziploc bags - jacket

GPS - trousers

Day sack list adapted from Old Canadian Regulations (no longer in force)

.Food – 1 x Army 24hrs rat pack
.Cooking utensils. – Metal mug and Mess tins
.A stove and a supply of fuel – hexi and blocks
.Large camp knife – if not on belt
.A flexible saw blade - bahco/laplander
.Snare wire of at least 30 feet or 9 meters and instructions for its use.
.Fishing equipment = a gill net of not more than a 2 inch or 3 centimetre mesh.
.Mosquito headnet
.Lone wolf or poncho.
.A suitable survival instruction manual or aide memoire.
.Conspicuity panel. – Hi-Viz flag/scarf/bag
.Candle – 1 x long life
,First Aid kit + FFD
,Water filtration system
,Water carrier/bottle
.Spare tinder pouch and fire steel

Additional equipment:

Sharpening stone
Day sack to carry it all in

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