What makes a good commercial survival kit??

What makes a good commercial survival kit?? I'm not talking what contents we add as this will vary from person to person and rightly so as a survival kit should reflect the persons skill level and equally shoud also reflect a persons ezperience and location.

What I am talking about is quality - do we trust the ACME survival kit or the RAF part VI survival kit?

SurvivALL stocks and sells many survival kits and survival kit items which all come with a genune NSN (NATO stock number) meaning these items are issued to military personell all around the world - so does this make the items the best quality??

Well sadly theres not answer really - the ACME kit will most likely contain a equal amount of 'tut' as will the NSN kits - but the difference IMO is that with the NSN kits we are getting two things the ACME kit doesnt offer.

1. We are getting a kit which has been tried and tested - the items in said kit may not be the best but at least they are tested and deemed good enough (bearing in mind all military suppliers are usually the lowest bidders when it comes to costing parts ect) Thus while not being excellent a ok item is still better than a bad chinese import!

2. As with the military anyone with survival training will know to adapt the kit to suit their needs, time and location - there for with a NSN kit we have two options - leave the kit in its sealed packages and use it as is or open the kit and use it as a foundation to build our own kit from safe in the knowledge our foundstion is strong.

Personaly my own 'travel or just in case' kit is made up from all the component parts of the RAF kit still sealed but packed into a mini mess tin rather than left in the stuff sack it comes with. This I hope I never need to use BUT if I do I think its contents acting as a boost to my own skills and knowledge will allow me to live like a king. The kit itself is the most comprehensive and once neatly crammed into the mini mess tin it doesnt really take up to much more room or weigh overly much more than a standard Military survival tin!!

So what makes a good commercial survival kit? Answer - the ability to adapt it and to build upon it - that linked with a faith that the contents while maybe not the greatest in the world are at least tried and test and useable!

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