Multi-tool and Survival

Does the multitool have a place in Survival?

Personally I say yes, so long as its a quality tool - nothing worse than relying on a cheap multitool which equates to being a cheap set of tools. Would you use cheap tools to repair your car or decorate your house? Would you use cheap tools if your life depended on them?? What price do you put on your life or the life of your family??

As below we've discussed the pro's of a Normark Super Swede and the awesome power and versatility of a Kukri so lets now look at a multitool - the Leatherman wave in particular as this is a tool I'm most familiar with.

Les Stroud often completed many of his survival weeks with only a multitool for comfort that alone gives the would-be survivor a good indicator to the tools uses - I've seen them in the hands of Ray Mears and Bruce Parry and when he's not sucking fish dry I'm sure even Bear Grylls has one somewhere!!

So what makes up the Leatherman Wave?

100% Stainless Steel
Needlenose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Wire Cutters
Hard-Wire Cutters
Clip-Point Knife
Serrated Knife
Saw (good enough for most craft tasks!)
Wood/Metal File
Diamond-Coated File (great for Kukri sharpening)
Large Bit Driver
Large Screwdriver
Small Bit Driver
2 Double-End Bits
Ruler (8 inch/19 cm)
Bottle/Can Opener
Wire Stripper
Lanyard Attachment
Belt pouch supplied
Length: 4 inches / 10 cm
Weight: 8.5 ounces / 241 grams

Quite a lot in a small package eh!!

There was a time when all a person needed to survive was a good 7" sheath knife and many look back on those days with nostalgia but times have changed - where the old time survivor may have had a wooden canoe or a smashed dog sled, natural fibre cordage and canvas and skin materials to contend with the modern survivor will have everything from mechanical items such as cars and generators to work with as well as all of the above! Indeed if you can fix the broken skidoo or car suddenly your no longer in a survival situation - on the opposite side of the coin - if your vehicle breaks down and you cant fix it you COULD BE!!

Living in a world of mechanical devices or even needing a pot lifter for your stoves sees us needing a multitool. A assembly of well thought out tools can be amazingly useful and versatile - as below we mention that a small amount of basic trainng and a little common sense can work miracles - give that same person a multitool and the miracles become easier to produce and the stressors are diminished in return!!

If you can only carry one knife in the wilderness carry a big one - if you can only carry one knife in your day to day life carry a versatile one, carry a multitool AND if the brown sticky stuff hits the fan you'll be glad you did!! (You never know it might be the one tool which changes a crisis into a temporary bodge job that gets you safely home!!)
Available at all good outdoors shops or http://www.bearclawbushcraft.co.uk/trading/tools.htm

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