Several people on previewing the new blog and the new website for the Survival school have asked me WHY SurvivALL?

So here’s the answer.............
Firstly, having googled and searched the internet I found very few sites running 'proper' survival courses most just seemed to be bushcraft schools who bolted on the term survival and as such were either not sure what it was or just used it as a word to drag in extra custom - this I decided would not do as the correct skills required in a Genuine Survival scenario are usually lacking in bushcraft - this was the first thing to prompt me to set up SurvivALL which is a pure survival school with courses that are designed for ALL outdoors folk not just Bushcrafters. More than this SurvivALL is also designed for mums and dads, brothers and sisters, anyone who enjoys travelling - tourist or explorer - and who wants the reassurance of the knowledge that should the unexpected happen they can deal with it and in so doing preserve the lives of loved ones and themselves.
Secondly, and because of the above I decided upon the name SurvivALL as our courses are for us ALL. And our logo hopefully reflects this too .............IMPROVIDUS - APTO - SUPERO - means several things, improvise adapt and overcome is the rough translation, however more correctly it reads Unforeseeing (without knowing the danger, the unexpected) - to prepare (we build up our knowledge by practicing our skills to ensure we can deal with the UNFORSEEN) - to Survive (we use our built up knowledge and skills to rise above the unexpected and survive).
Unforeseeing we prepare to survive - we SurvivALL

The Rising Sun symbol on the logo is also there to remind us we train to survive - firstly because, as in many cases, survival at its most basic is doing the right things to help us live to see sun rise the next day. Many survivors are quoted as saying this, saying how they planned each day with the sole aim of seeing the next day’s sun rise! But our sun rise goes deeper - the four rays of sun light with reach out above the sun are there to remind us of two of Survivals most important Acronyms S.T.O.P or its more military cousin P.L.A.N.

So why SurvivALL and why the SurvivALL logo? Because survival is for us all - it is the foundation and the fall back upon which all outdoors folk, all travellers ( even day trippers and tourists) may (God forbid) has to rely .

And lastly, to quote Lofty Wiseman "Life we survive til we die!"

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