As a survival Instructor in the army my 'survival' knife was originaly a old Mauser penknife then back in the 80's I saw a Lofty Wiseman video in which he favoured the NORMARK SUPER SWEDE. At the time I was going down to Brecon to do my SCBC so I bought a super swede to try it out while on the course and (until I lost it in Bosnia) that bombproof tool soon became a trusted friend.

But is it a survival knife? What is a survival knife?

The answer is simple - yes ..........................but so is any knife! Why? Because the knife you have on you at the time your forced to survive is your survival knife and you need to learn how to use it to its max!

Some outdoors folk go to the woods equipped with saws and axes and three knives of various sizes and this is fine for them - indeed if they find themselves coming'a'cropper their survival experience should be a breeze!

But we're not training to become bushcrafters or foresters (although a knowledge of survival skills would be a valued tool to both), we're training to be survivors if our normal every day activaties or outdoor hobbies go wrong - so for us a pocket knife is a far better option and to be honest even having been a bushcraft instructor myself for the past 8 years I still find a pocket knife of far more use than any other tool.

Survivorman Les Stroud favours a multitool (although recently a buck knife seems to be his favourite) and this is a good option but since returning to Survival I have returned to the trusty old Normark Super Swede.

WHY do I like the Super Swede - well its a good sized knife made of solid construction, with a strong and sturdy lock and comes at a price where your not affraid to use it - and thats the key for only buy using it can you truely learn the strengths and weaknesses of a knife!! The grip is rubberised and safe in the hand and the spine of the blade can easily be filed sqaure and then showers a good hot spark from a ferro rod.

So a survival knife is the tool you have with you at the time - if your lucky to have the whole workshop combo of saws and axes ect count your blessings but if you just a normal traveller, hiker, climber, skier ect ect and you dont want to go around carrying more cutting edges than the average Viking warrior a strong folding knife, coupled with some sense and experience, will likely meet all your needs - and for this I recommend the Super Swede!


LarryB said...

Cool write-up! I still have my original Swede 45 and use it at least once a week. Also have the Big Swede with the greenish rubber handle. Great knife too.

I like your blog. :-)


Survivall said...

Cheers Larry, I see your a fisherman and as such the Normark range will probably be old buddies of yours too!!

Cool blog yourself btw!!

Perkunas said...

Hey,i got my self a new super swede,from this outlet store where they had received tons of abandoned/forgotten items from one large sports-shop,i went there to unload the truck yesterday,and didnt expect to get paid in anywaybut i got to pick up a few items from the load,and i took one of the two Super Swedes,and one older Fiskars cheap utility knife i havent seen in about ten years.Swede looks to be quite sturdy and that locking mechanism also appears to be reliable.

Now i can make my own opinion about this knife as ive never handled any before if i remember right.The other had sticker with 15 euros price.Is that ok price?