Recommended Commercial Survival Kits

Survival Kits are items of great interest - in as small an area as possible we aim to pack as many useful items as possible. But never lose track of the fact that 100 pieces of junk are still 100 pieces of junk so ALWAYS select your survival items carefully. Experience and practice will soon teach you what works and what doesnt - but as a foundation a commercially available kit is a good building block or back up. I always carry a RAF aircrew set int he bottom of my rucksack as it takes up little room yet is comprehensiveenough to cover most eventualities provided my first Aid kit takes care of any medical needs. Even such reknowned Bushcraft experts as Mors Kochanski have developed and recommend survival kits - proof of the pudding that even bushcrafters need a understanding of survival skills!
Air Crew Survival Kit

The Air Crew Survival Pack MK4 has been successfully used in the Gulf and is standard issue inside Royal Air Force ejection seats. This high specification kit is vacuum-sealed in foil packets.

The Air Crew Survival Pack comes in a flexible olive bag.

  • Contents and Specs:
  • Purifying Tablets


    Water carrier/condoms (2)

    Flint & Striker Fire tablets

    Sewing needles

    Small tin

    Vinyl tape

    Sleeping bag

    Nylon cord



    Suspender clips

    Fishing kit

    Snare wire

    Wire saw

    Razor blade

    Elastic band

    Instruction sheet

    Foil blanket (matt olive)

  • NSN:8465-99-131-4124

Military Survival Kit

The Military Survival Kit/Tin is the UK Ministry of Defense version of the Combat Survival Tin. There are a few additional items in the Military Survival Tin but essentially the item remains fundamentally the same.

This kit has been redesigned to also aid in Escape and Evasion, should the need arise while in the field. Alongside the Air Crew Survival Pack, this kit was used extensively in the 1st Gulf War by UK servicemen to include RAF pilots and SAS. It has proven its worth on many an occasion.

Contents and Specs:

  • Water resistant tin
  • Vinyl tape

    Button compass




    Purification tablets

    Snare wire


    Flint & striker

    Hacksaw blade

    Fishing kit


    Sewing kit

    Safety pins

    Wire saw

    Survival instructions

    Accident evaluation form

    Signal mirror

    Tin hanging handle

    Tinder Water bags

    Single edged razors

    Adhesive plasters

  • NSN: 8645-99-147-7134

While both kits above are recommended these should form the foundations of your kit ideas and training - experience will teach you which items to keep and which to replace.

Remember a survival kit does yyou no good if its left at home so make your kit small and convenient to carry!

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